The PAL Sound Project fosters cooperation between Romani and non-Romani musicians. By co-creating music and organizing national and international concerts, we’re bridging communities and celebrating cultural diversity. Learn more about our initiatives:
The PAL Sound Project has clear objectives: promoting social inclusion, educating Romani musicians, and creating a supportive network. By familiarizing them with new music technologies, we aim to elevate their presence in the music industry. Read about our goals:
Music and society have always influenced each other, evolving together throughout history. The PAL Sound Project leverages this connection to promote social inclusion and empower Romani musicians. Learn more about our mission:
We’re developing the “Gypsy Influence Curriculum” – an innovative training program designed with expert contributions. This curriculum will equip Romani musicians with the skills and tools they need to thrive. Find out more:
The PAL Sound Project is dedicated to promoting the positive narrative of Romani culture. By highlighting their contributions and fostering cooperation with non-Romani musicians, we aim to empower social inclusion. Join us in celebrating Romani music:
We’re thrilled to share the highlights of the five days of our Romani Influence Training, taking place right in the heart of Prague! 🙌 Each day has been filled with excitement, new knowledge, insightful discussions, and connections that will shape the future of our PAL Sound Project. 🫶 Are you as inspired as we are?...
Exciting Announcement! We’re thrilled to share with you the release of the “ROMANI INFLUENCE Whitepaper”, a comprehensive document that reports the findings of extensive desk and field research conducted in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, and Belgium. This research was carried out as part of the Erasmus+ project “Romani Influence – Support the co-creation,...
Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce that the website for the PAL SOUND project is now live and ready to inspire you! This platform serves as a hub for the incredible musical work of numerous talented Roma and non-Roma musicians. Explore the website here: One of the remarkable features of the PAL SOUND project’s...