PAL Women

PAL Women aims to empower disadvantaged women and to improve their competences in social entrepreneurship and marketing.


The project is aiming to support Romani to portrait their positive narrative and enhance their EU integration by empowering their creativity in different art fields.

PAL Konnect

Support artists from social inclusion groups to present and promote their artworks in post-COVID 19 circumstances and to inspire their cooperation within the European countries.

PAL Project

Develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in education, employment in order to speed up Roma Integration.

PAL Push

Support Roma participation of different levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices of Roma and supporting initiatives where Roma participation is a key to long-term change.

Romani Absassadors

Apply training opportunities that promote the development of the Roma population and integration in both education and the labor market.

PAL Enroll

The results of the 2011 survey in 11 EU Member States and the EU MIDIS 2016 FRA Survey covering 9 EU Member States, confirm that largely Roma children are behind in educational achievement and show a considerable gap between Roma and non-Roma children attending schooling.

Fix Small Art

Examine and moderate different art methods and techniques supporting social tolerance practices and adult education for people with learning disabilities and mental illness.


Current education faces multiple challenges, significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Education systems vary across countries, as well as the education level of the Romani children.

PAL Sound

This is proven by antiquity as with the evolution of things the two concepts influenced each other, evolved, and progressed together. They are two meanings that develop accordingly.

E-SOCIAL - E-Playing in Social Entrepreneurship

Our project aims to bring social entrepreneurship to youth and acquaint them with it, build their capacity and awareness on how to use it for the greater good and for profit.