About us

Who we are?

We are a European Network for fighting discrimination and integration in education and employment of vulnerable groups (Roma people, Gypsies, Travelers and Minorities) that provides initiatives for strengthen awareness raising and training priorities and policies based on the best available evidence and to guide the cost-effective use of tools, interventions and systems to ensure and monitor progress towards national and European goals. The PAL Network activities are aiming at:

To develop a comprehensive approach to endorse a number of goals in education and employment.

To speed up Roma and Minorities Integration.

To support the implementation of National Inclusion Strategies and the Council Recommendation of Roma and Minorities Integration.

The Network aims to support youth participation in different social and political levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices and supporting initiatives where minorities participation is a key to long-term change. The main idea of the PAL Network is to welcome new NGOs, public sector and civil society organizations from all the European countries, giving them the opportunity to:

Participate in the preparation and submission of new initiatives in the field of Roma people, Gypsies, Travelers and Minorities integration and support.

Help and active participate in the creation of a policy for the employment and education integration of Roma and Minorities people.

Be informed about all the venues of the PAL Network initiative.

To harness the collective potential of the European integration initiatives will provide a better understanding of education and employment issues and to encourage the application of this understanding to alleviate major Roma and Minorities problems.