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Music and society are two inextricably linked meanings.

This is proven by antiquity as with the evolution of things the two concepts influenced each other, evolved, and progressed together. They are two meanings that develop accordingly. In other words, there is a two-way relationship between them, that is, as much as music is influenced by social events, it in turn affects the perceptions of a people or a category of persons regarding the rules of ethics and law. As music is one of the dominant fields of art in the prevailing society, in combination with the marginalization of the Roma, will promote their contribution to the music sector, empower them and develop their prospects by promoting their musical talent. It is important to mention that the Roma as a nomadic people had and have migrated throughout the European continent influencing the peoples with their music and which has been the basis for the evolution of local music.

The primary objective of the PAL SOUND project is to promote social inclusion, development, educate them, and the creation of a network that will support Roma musicians with the immediate goal of acquainting them with new music technologies, cocreating music and promoting their music to the public, making it well known and claiming a place in the music industry. Moreover, the project aims to create a vocational educational curriculum for Romani and non-Romani musicians and get promote the Romani culture and its positive narration. PAL SOUND is deal with the topic of social inclusion and co-creation and cooperation between Romani and non-Romani musicians, aiming to support them and making them familiar with the new digital tools to compose by distance, to cooperate with new people and professionals from music industry, to co-create new songs and music and promote those pieces of art through the national and international concerts and festivals that will be organized under the project. The project aims to create innovative training materials for the education of Romani musicians, aiming to promote their music and to highlight their positive narrative of the culture, empower them to be entered dynamically in music industry.

The specific objectives of the project PAL SOUND project are to:

  • Develop the PAL SOUD Research both desk and field which will be conducted through literature review, book, reports etc., and 100 interviews with experts and professionals in music sector, to identify the gaps and needs of the Romani musicians and the digital tools and opportunities for them creating the PAL SOUND Whitepaper.
  • Develop the “Gypsy Influence Curriculum”. Through this objective the development of an innovative training curriculum with methodologies, approaches, and tools for Romani musicians with the contribution of experts from each partner country, and organization of training workshops of the Romani musicians in the curriculum and digital tools, achieving the cooperation and co-creation between them.
  • Develop the Online Romani Repository. Development of an Online Repository for the promotion of the Romani musicians and their music. The Romani Repository will host the compositions that will be created under the project between Romani and non-Romani musicians, empower thei social inclusion of Romani musicians.
  • Develop the Online Peer Cooperation. Development of an interactive peer cooperation between musicians from different countries and with Romani and non-Romani backgrounds, to co-create new Romani influenced song and music, and prepared for the national and international concerts. Through this objective the cooperation among professionals from different backgrounds will be promoted and new opportunities for the vocational education will be created.
  • Promote the Romani positive narrative for their culture and empowerment of social exclusion and vulnerable groups.



We have a partnership coming from 5 different countries with 5 experienced organizations, as presented below:

  • RomanoNet, Czech Republic
  • PAL NETWORK, Belgium
  • Romano Veseli, Slovenia
  • SENSUS-Gotland, Sweden

The partnership is considered from 5 EU Member states (Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, and ILECAD), giving the possibility to strengthen the connection among the restrictions of free market and union possibilities. The main benefit of the collaboration is included in the process of cooperation and co-creation. The partnership will ensure the transferability of knowledge inside the same partnership, from well-cultivated partners to less developed partners. We have tried to add diversification of the partners origin, experience, and connection with cultural and creativity sector to explore all the obstacles that the produced WPs can cope with during the implementation process


More information about this project can be requested at  but also additional information is available on its official website: