Who says having fun can’t also be serious & educational?

“Playing games is only about having fun – and otherwise not really instructive or productive.” True or false?

Well… games are fun most of the time, but who says having fun can’t also be serious and educational? As one of the main results of the E-Social project, we’ll develop a serious game. The serious game aims to teach youngsters about the benefits and challenges of becoming a Social Entrepreneur.

Recent research by behavioral scientist Joanne Weerdmeester shows that gaming has many more positive effects than commonly believed.

Read the article here: Gaming is more social than you think https://www.radboudrecharge.nl/…/gaming-is-more-social…

At PAL Network, through the E-SOCIAL project, we aim to create awareness of social entrepreneurship and develop the entrepreneurial skills of youngsters. The project will give youth the opportunity to acquire key competencies in Social Entrepreneurship.

Learn more about the E-Social Project: https://e-socialproject.eu/

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