The world needs social entrepreneurs to tackle inequality, poverty, and climate change.

“The world is in need of social entrepreneurs because of the growing challenges of inequality, poverty, and climate change.”

At Pal Network thought the E-Social project, we aim to specifically reach young adults aged 18 to 30. Why this target group? We believe that youngsters are more sensitive to social issues. Our goal is to bring forward the solution of Social Entrepreneurship as a career driver for new young entrepreneurs that will help the community, both locally and internationally.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who bring innovative solutions to social problems. They are motivated by the desire to make a lasting, positive impact on society and to create a more equitable and sustainable world. They use the power of business to create social and environmental change, generating both financial and social returns.

Wondering how young social entrepreneurs themselves view the importance of this phenomenon?
Watch this TED Talk by Erica Wenger on how she believes young social entrepreneurs will change the world:

Learn more about the E-Social Project:](

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