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PAL Network is more than just a network, it is an innovative cooperation among experts from different sectors and aiming social diversity. We connect ideas, deliver concepts and facilitate innovation through the think tank ideas.

The participation in the network is possible only upon written request and acceptance from the Board. From January 2021 to December 2022 for coordinator of the network had been CUBE Greece. The managerial board of the network is including the full members and is arranging meetings each 3 months.


There are several types of membership:

Full Membership: the organizations applied to this membership are paying annual fee and had been involved in the decision-making process and planning of the new initiatives.

The network is ensuring their participation in numbers of projects and actions, such as networking events and funded projects.

Supporters: companies applied to this membership are providing services to the members in term of projects, training initiatives and preparation activities. They are not paying any fees but have been providing their services as equivalent to the PAL network Membership fees.

Simple membership: the organizations applied to this membership are not paying a fee. They receive information, participate in trainings and interact with the community.

Volunteers: the organizations applied to this membership are providing free services to the other members and have been involved in all the initiatives for free.


Help and actively participate in the creation of a policy for the employment and education integration of vulnerable people and Romani.

Support the creation of educational and employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in Europe.

Participate in the preparation and submission of new initiatives in the field of integration and support of vulnerable groups of your country.

Be aware about the initiatives in your country.


The organizations, which are interested to be included in the PAL Network, are requested to complete the attached a written request as attachment to the e-mail: or using the online registration form.