Recent Transnational meeting for the Pal Enroll Project

Exciting News from Pal Network!  

We are thrilled to share that Pal Network had the privilege of participating in the recent transnational meeting of the Pal Enroll project, held in Italy.  

At this gathering, our partners engaged in fruitful discussions about the project’s progress and diligently planned the final timeline for the remaining tasks. Notably, the hosting organization, W20, organized an open-air round table to showcase, discuss, and evaluate the Pal Enroll Handbook and its Modules. 

As Pal Network, we are immensely proud to be part of this constructive initiative, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to fostering educational opportunities for marginalized communities. 

For those interested in learning more about the ongoing work of the PAL Enroll Project, we invite you to explore their Facebook page:
Let’s come together and make a lasting impact on the lives of Romani children, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for all. 

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