International Roma Day!

International Roma Day, celebrated on this day on 8 April, is dedicated to Europe’s largest ethnic minority, the Roma community, a predominant part of which suffers from discrimination and isolation.

This day focuses on Roma history, culture, language and aspirations, which remain largely unknown in Europe, even though they are key to mutual understanding and can contribute to closing the gap between communities.

Our Stage works to include and promote young Roma artists who wish to contribute to the dissemination of their own culture, giving them the opportunity to be the protagonists and take over the story. In this way, the Our Stage project will continue to work towards a more positive narrative of Roma culture and the promotion of roma youth!

In this video, we see the partners of the Our Stage project encouraging and promoting equality, honoring and supporting the community of Roma. We can hear their anthem “Gelem, gelem” at the back, this version of a local band in Barcelona, Spain. Happy International Rroma Day from all over the world!

You can watch here the video:

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