PAL ART Capacity Building Event was organized digitally at 29 and 30/03/2021

PAL ART Capacity Building Event was organized at 29th and 30th of March 2021 with the participation of 51 trainees and teachers from 10 European Countries.

This Digital Training for Exchange knowledge and practices was oriented to social workers, artists, practitioners and experts, who wants to explore the positive narrative techniques in artwork with marginalized groups (Romani). During the event were presented information about Romani culture, legislation, Romani as part of the EU cultural heritage, Inclusive teaching and acceptable learning, narrative in arts and Romani positive narrative. Partners in this initiative are HNM (CZ), OECON (BG), UCLL(BE), OMG (CRO), LIGHTHOUSE OF THE WORLD (EL), AFL studio (FR)!

Minutes of the meeting are available here:

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