Push Employment Opportunities

The aim of the Push Employment Opportunities is to train Experts, Roma Children and their Families about the benefits of the employment process and the employment initiatives in their countries. The aim of this activity is to help the young people to receive information about the employment opportunities and re-skill workshops.

The first step of the activities is the implementation of local education events for training of trainers/experts in 8 main modules (roles of trainers, cooperative skills inductive education, conflict prevention, help and guidance in the possibilities in personal development, communication and active listening, public speaking, information about employment opportunities of Roma). The second step is implementation of two types of local trainings with children and youth: training local events on economic empowerment and employment opportunities including the organization of employment fair with future company providers and training courses for Roma youth aiming at their information and re-skills for self-employment in Spain, Italy, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Slovenia and Hungary.
All the events will be finalized at the end of October 2017.

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